SOLD Chair by Stomps-Burkhardt


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SOLD  The company was founded in 1859 by Gustave Stomp and his brother Joseph in Dayton, Ohio. In 1890 the Company’s name was changed to Stomps-Burkhardt and the company closed in 1928. These chairs have an X -shaped base and a curved seat. In many Victorian and Edwardian homes, a parlor was not complete without the stylish addition of an X-chair.

This chair is made of dark wood with excellent grain selection for the seat. The back of the chair is especially well carved with a face and pointed leaves about it.  On the front face of the seat is a large flowing pattern radiating from the center and adorning the sides.  The front legs come down to a three toed paw. The chair is 41 in. tall and 24 in. wide. The chair has been well maintained and is sturdy.


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