SOLD Reverse Painted Lamp and Shade by Handel


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This is an absolutly spectacular lamp and matching shade!  Executed with five upper panels and three lower, each panel is a piece of the amazing panorama.  The winter landscape is covered in drifts of deep snow, and the bright, clear colors range from brilliant yellow and sunset orange, to fading pinks and deep blues with hints of purple.  The lamp is very solid and heavy.

Philip Julius Handel first established the Handel Company in Meridian, Connecticut in 1876.  They specialized in high quality reverse painted lamp shades and were generally considered a less expensive alternative to the Tiffany lamp popularized by Louis Comfort Tiffany.  The Handel Lamp Company was the very finest maker of reverse-painted lamps, and were best known for their wide array of beautiful subjects ranging from historical scenes to birds, flowers and butterflies.  No two lamps, even those with the same design number by the same artist, were ever identical, since each lamp was hand-painted by individual artist.

The company ceased production in 1936.  In today’s market all Handel lamps are highly sought after with prices ranging from $2000 for lamps with simpler designs to over $100, 000 for extreme rarities with “One of a kind” variations on a design theme.