Waterbury Hanging Wall Clock SOLD


Waterbury Hanging Wall Clock Late 1800’s – early 1900’s


Late 1800’s-early 1900’s The Waterbury Clock Company was founded in 1857. This large and well carved wall clock has a painted metal dial with brass bezel, black Roman hour numerals, brass spring driven movement and etched solid brass weights. Etched brass covered pendulum bob and wood stick. Carved oak case with intricate brass adornments. A wise face is carved into the plume at the top of the arc. Decorative oak leaves carved into the base.
Wonderful wall clock from a company that was known for great quality during their time. Extraordinarily good condition with very few nicks. The clock is approximately  51 in. high, 18 in. and 7 in. deep. The weights are 4 in. long and the pendulum is 6 in. across. The clock includes two keys. The cat gut on the weights was replaced in 2014. My husband started all of our clocks on December 1 and stopped them on December 31 each year.

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