Antique Sideboard Buffet Cabinet SOLD


French Renaissance Style sideboard cabinet

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SOLD     This antique French Henry II, late 1900’s cabinet makes a perfect storage solution for your home. Highly carved solid panel oak doors make this antique hutch a beautiful focal point. It features a handsome classic design, finely carved in the Renaissance style from top to bottom. The top has three sections, one set high and two lower, surrounded with turned support rails with finial ends. This is set on a decorative crown molding. The center door has Neptune/Poseidon in a standing position on three sea horses carrying a trident with three prongs. Parts of this carving is approximately 1 & 3/4 inches deep. The two side doors have a carving of one of the Nereides; perhaps Amphitrite who was considered Neptune’s wife. There is fifteen inches between the top cabinet and the bottom cabinet. This section has a forty-eight inch plate shelf with turned spindles. The bottom section has two drawers with original brass pulls and has two carved doors which have Pan/Faunus motif in the center. All five doors have a six inch piece of brass in which there is a lock and there are three fancy brass keys which will fit in any of the door locks. This piece is in overall good condition but consistent with the age it does show normal wear to finish and miscellaneous marks. There is one spindle on the plate shelf that has separated but all parts are still in place. The locks on the doors function and the doors and drawers open and shut. There is a key opening between the drawers but I have no knowledge of what it does. The cabinet breaks down into three section for easy transport.

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Dimensions 60 × 23 × 106 in


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