Antique Stereo Graphoscope


Stereo Graphoscope

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This is a very interesting and rare item from history!  Made only for a very short time, and in very limited numbers since the technology was quickly outdated.  Very nice looking with a great finish on it.  Lenses are clear and the wood is in great shape.  Slides are smooth and the entire piece works well.

A Victorian parlor instrument for viewing stereo cards or photographs. This walnut viewer comprised of a molded rectangular plinth supporting a conforming rectangular platter adjustable at various angles on hinges; at one end a hinged panel with inset stereoscopic lenses and a hinged panel with 5-1/2 inch diameter magnifying lens, and at the other end a card holder surmounted by ornately pierced fretwork decoration. The stereoscopic lenses can be lowered to use the magnifying lens, or vice versa.

Sold with numerous cards included