Edison Standard Phonograph With A Flower Horn SOLD

Edison Standard Phonograph and Antique Hand painted petaled Edison phonograph Sound Horn by The Tea Tray Company

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A standard Edison cylinder phonograph with cabinet banner intact.  Case is dark wood and in good condition.  The lid latches still hold the lid securely.  The belt needs to be replaced.  The black paint on the bedplate and the metal plate with the information on the phonograph are in good condition.  The phonograph is accompanied with an early 20th century hand painted petalled Edison Phonograph sound horn by The Tea Tray Company.  The hand painted floral Pansie interior is on a rose background of an eleven panel tin phonograph horn.The phonograph and horn are completely original to the best of my knowledge.  The original TCT decal is still in good condition along with the area that indicates the horn was patented in Aug .22, 05.  The horn is 32 in. long and 22 in. across.  There is paint wear overall but all decals are intact and so is most of the paint on the inside and outside.

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