Herschede Grandfather Clock Model 250


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Superb craftsmanship evident in every aspect of this spectacular grandfather clock by Herschede known as “The Clock model 250”.  Herschede was known as the king of quality for many decades, and made clocks to the highest level of expertise.  This style was the flagship clock of the best company in clock-making.  The clock has a beveled glass door and sides, nine tube quarter-hour and hour strike, chime and strike silent selector, eight day movement with three massive brass weights, and a lyre pendulum.   It has a chime selector for Whitington,  Westminister Abby or the exclusive-to-Herschede, Canterbury chimes. The case consists of burled veneers of Spanish Olive Ash or Acacioa.  The face is hand engraved 14kt gold plated with Arabic numerals and spandrels.

An Imperial grandfather clock that would make an excellent family heirloom.

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