Lawco Window Refrigerator Box


Lawco Window refrigerator ice box.  For use where winters were cold and more ice box room was needed.


It is an antique Lawco window refrigerator ice box.  The F. H. Lawson Company of Cincinnati started business in 1816, mostly making galvanized iron trash cans  and garbage pails.  After the Civil War, these window ice boxes came into being.  They were mounted in the window much like we mount window unit air conditioners.  A catalog dated 1917 lists these under Specialty & Miscellaneous with the following description: “Rests on outside windowsill with 2 wires securely fastening it to the window frame.  Furnished with or without swinging hinge.  When open, the door rests on the inside of the windowsill, making a wide, steady shelf.”  In very good condition and repainted to preserve the item in black with gold lettering.                                                                             It is 23 in. L , 14 in. H  and 12 in. d..

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