1940s Negus, New York Binnacle


Wood and brass binnacle with navy compass, two lanterns and place for maps and is in beautiful condition.


The wood Binnacle houses the main magnetic compass on a ship which is mounted in gimbals to keep it level while the vessel rocks with the motion of the water. There are two brass oil lamps and a brass map holder. A brass hood sits atop the compass and has a viewing port through which you can see the direction. The green and red balls on either side slide to adjust the compass to compensate for the magnetic skew of the iron on the ship. The binnacle is 54 in. H with a circumference of 46 in. From the outside of one ball to the outside of the other ball is 35 in. The brass map holder on the back is  25 1/2 in. high. The lanterns are 9 in. high with a circumference of 10 1/2 in. The compass is a U. S. Navy Standard Illuminated by E. S. Ritchie & Sons. Inc. of Boston. The balancing magnetic bars are in the bottom. The door opens reasonably well and the wood is in very good shape. The compass appears to be a 1944 version.

One of the few with all the originals intact. This is an amazing nautical item! The ultra hard wood is so lustrous that is nearly glows.  Fully dry locked center with functional door and original bar magnets.  Both of the lanterns are in great condition.  Original metal manufacturers plate still attached.  Light house slide works smoothly, and has a socket for an electrical light.  Both quadrantal spheres are original and were repainted prior to purchase using ships paint, indicating that they were repainted while still on board the vessel.

This binnacle was at sea during the very end of the Second World War, and was made for the U.S. Navy. It shows the expected wear that a working piece of history should show. Wonderful patina on the brass high-top sytled hood, which has the original large round glass viewer window. The compass gyroscope cradle is also in great condition and still functions perfectly This all original ships binnacle is in very nice condition and is a wonderful item of Nautical history.

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