Pewter Pitchers


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The inception of silver plated ware dates back to 1847 due to  the development of Rogers brothers electro-processing.  In Meriden pewter or Britannia ware were produced. These two companies, Rogers Bro. and Britannia, began to work together in 1867 and silver plated tea service and silverware  were introduced to the market.

The Sugar Bowl Is marked “Rogers & Bro Triple Plate 1800” and the stamp is clear.  There are no dents in the bowl but the lid is missing.   The creamer is marked “Meriden B. Company” in one mark and the other mark says “Quadruple Plate”.   1800 is marked underneath the marks.   All marks are clear and there are no dents in the creamer.  The silver plate is very tarnished on both.  The structure and design pattern of the sugar bowl and creamer are very similar but not exactly alike.

The Sugar Bowl and creamer can be bought separate or together for $60.00 each or $110.00 for both.