Painted Hardwood Carving of Vishnu Riding Garuda


Painted Hardwood Carving of Vishnu Riding Garuda


This is a huge stunning quality rendition of Vishnu riding Garuda.  This devotional temple carving dates to the very early 20th century.  It is painted with enamels and has an excellent patina. The condition is truly remarkable for it’s age.  All of the features and embellishments are in excellent condition.  The wood shows some cracking due to age, with small wear damages, which is not surprising because it is a hardwood carving.

Vishnu is the Hindu deity that is the protector and the preserver, his carrier is Garuda who is powerful in his own right. Garuda uses his powers for good as a protector and a rescuer. Gaurda helps to dissolve negative energies and also guards the home and instills his great power to those he protects.

This Balinese carving has great detail, all their royal finery, the painting is classic.  This is a very powerful rendition of Garuda, with a fierce face and expansive wings.  The painting is excisitly done, with the brilliant colors still evident after over a century.

This would make an impressive and majestic centerpeice for any great collection.