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About For My Generation

My husband, I and our families lived in Ohio for generations. We both were brought up in families that told stories of what brought our ancestors to this country and how they made their living. From our interest in their history grow our eclectic collection of antiques, vintage pieces and collectibles. It is a collection of several generations to which we had contributed. Our house in Ohio was a 1914 Victorian with 21 rooms plus a very large attic. The house had been in my husbands family since 1954 and his parents had a start on filling it. His dad had his favorite interior decorator, who periodically was selected to do rooms at the White House. His dad liked oriental furniture and these pieces along with many other styles came from her store.

Ohio is an antique collectors adventure. The settlers to this country come with as much of their household items as they could afford to ship. There was free land to the west for those willing to take the risks. When the wagons came to what is now Ohio it was covered with what they called the Black Swamp and wagons heavy with furniture could not get through so much of what they had brought from overseas had to be sold off.

My husband passed away in 2014 and I moved to Arizona and opened For My Generation. The antiques still provide an adventure. I have a 1960 Zenith 400 TV with Space Command in my front window. A father is explaining what it was to his 10 year old son and the boy kept asking why I had not taken it out of the wooden box. The boy had only seen flat screen TV’s that hang on the wall.

One gentleman declared I had a Mantique shop because I have a blood letting instrument, spear, wagon jack, Roy Rogers comic books, old records and many other only one of each item.